What’s Behind Dietary Supplement Advertisements?

Dietary supplement advertisements have a psychological pull on the emotions. These ads are geared toward convincing people that the advertised supplement will benefit them in a way that no other product can.

Typically, dietary supplement advertisements feature a before and after picture or images of someone before using the supplement or the horrible diseases that can ravage the body without the supplement.

Other dietary supplement advertisements feature a gorgeous bodied person who claims to have gotten their gorgeous body from using the advertised supplement.

Just because dietary supplement advertisements aren’t always true doesn’t mean that the supplements aren’t beneficial. The problem with dietary supplement advertisements is that they make promises of instant health or beautiful bodies.

In the United States there are some rules that advertisers are required to follow. Even though health supplements are not regulated in the same manner as food and prescription drugs are, they do have to use disclosures in their advertising to inform customers that the advertisement is ‘paid advertising’.

In the past there have been dietary supplement advertisers who did not comply with these rules and were reprimanded by the Federal Trade Commission. The result was even more stringent rules.

Dietary supplement advertisements must now display a visual paid advertising disclosure throughout the ordering instructions during televised commercials for supplements, they must have an audio disclosure running simultaneously with the visual disclaimer, and the audio disclosure must be at least as loud as the loudest part of the advertisement.

Unnecessary White Lies

What the dietary supplement industry fails to recognize is that consumers are not naive. The majorities of people who purchase nutritional supplements do their research and know what to expect. These people are actually insulted by the false advertisements.

That is not to say that these advertisements don’t work. There will always be people who are obese or facing devastating illnesses that fall for the instant cures promised.

The reality that dietary supplement advertisers don’t realize is that the majority of health and nutritional supplements on the market do offer some health benefits.

There are many supplements that are powerful antioxidants that offer the body something. From antioxidants and herbal compounds like resveratrol to vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc, there are many supplements that are needed and properly utilized by the body. False advertisements aren’t needed to sell these to the public.

Regardless of the rules and regulations imposed on advertisers the simple fact is that no matter what medium is used there will continue to be advertisements for health and nutrition supplement that skirt the boundaries of out and out lying.

Consumers have to be savvy enough to realize when they are being led down a yellow brick road that doesn’t exist and make wise decisions when it comes to their health.

This doesn’t mean that they have to avoid the supplement being advertised, it does mean that they need to do their own research and make their own decisions. Consumers are smart enough to know that there are no genies in a bottle that are going to magically appear to cure their ailments.

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