Not All Weight Loss Supplements and Their Reviews Are Created Equal

Obesity has become an epidemic that is leading to more illnesses and diseases than ever before. The quest to lose weight has led to weight loss supplements reviews being performed and published in staggering numbers.

Reviews are designed to help consumers make educated decisions about products they are considering. Television has infomercials claiming to be reviews; there are articles in magazines and numerous websites all purporting to be providing reviews of weight loss supplements.

Savvy consumers are quick to see through most of these reviews for what they really are: advertisements for weight loss supplements hidden behind phony reviews.

These reviews present negative information about several diet or weight loss supplements followed by positive reviews about one supplement. This supplement is then pitched, either through linked websites, toll-free numbers or more advertisements.

True weight loss supplements reviews do exist. They are conducted by independent companies that do not sell weight loss or diet products and are not pitching any type of product in their report.

Many of these reviews are done by consumer watch dog groups or agencies that have only one task, to present unbiased information on weight loss supplements so that the public can make wise decisions.

Finding Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

Finding weight loss supplement reviews that are unbiased is not hard. The easiest way to decipher between a true review and advertisement hiding behind a review is to see whether or not the end result of the review is a recommendation for one particular supplement and a link or method of obtaining the supplement.

Reviews often have recommendations; however, they don’t sell the product or even link to a site that sells the product. They simply report their findings and let the consumer make the decisions. [Also read: “This year’s best diet pills“]

Medical Websites

Many medical websites offer informative articles and even reviews on weight loss supplements. These sites do not have hidden advertising and offer the perspective of medical professionals, a big plus when reading weight loss supplements reviews.

Consumer review websites are another good place to read up on products, they don’t necessarily do comparison reviews but they do offer test results for many different products and give honest reports that are not embellished or biased.

There are also websites specifically designed for comparing diet and weight loss supplements, these sites allow consumers to submit their experience with supplements and weight loss products.

The community is able to visit the site and read these reviews in order to make decisions. These are based more on public input than in actual testing with reports, they don’t advertise a specific supplement but they are strictly based on public input, this could be good or bad.

Weight loss supplements reviews are abundant in every type of media. However, that doesn’t make every review credible. It is important for consumers to make informed decisions based on unbiased, credible information. Medical websites, consumer product websites and websites devoted strictly to reviews with no underlying advertisements are the best sources for this information.

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