Trans Resveratrol Review

Resveratrol is not new to the nutrition and supplement market, it has been highly publicized over the past few years for its powerful antioxidant properties. There is, however, a new type of resveratrol, tans resveratrol that is now making headlines.

Trans resveratrol is manufactured differently than other resveratrol supplements. This new and improved method of manufacturing and packaging the resveratrol stabilizes it to help prevent degradation during packaging, shipping and shelf life time.

cis-resveratrolDegradation can occur to resveratrol when it is exposed to long periods of severe heat, light or oxygen. When it degrades, it is called cis resveratrol and is not as effective as trans resveratrol.

The encapsulation process of trans resveratrol protects it from the damaging light, heat and oxygen that it could encounter during processing, shipping and storing.

Consumers will appreciate that they are getting the most active form of resveratrol available and that the ingredients are top quality and have not been compromised by exposure to the elements that can degrade it. This also insures that the restorative and antioxidant properties that have made it popular are fully intact.

Degraded resveratrol that is in the cis resveratrol state no longer contains enough antioxidant power to tell the body to produce the sirtuin 1 gene. Trans resveratrol does signal the production of sirtuin 1, making trans resveratrol more like the resveratrol used in research and development.

The sirtuin 1 gene is a naturally occurring gene that strengthens the organs in the body and aids in the immunity process to protect the body. Increasing the production of sirtuins 1 genes can slow the aging process by protecting the body and improving health.

Trans resveratrol is also a heart healthy antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As antioxidant levels increase in the body they are able to buffer free radicals and prevent structural cell damage that is one of the first signs of aging.

Preventing cell structure damage keeps the skin looking younger, prevents the appearance of brown spots and slows wrinkles from forming.

Blood pressure and insulin levels are also lowered and more normal when trans resveratrol is used as a nutritional supplement. There are numerous other positive health effects from the use of trans resveratrol, so many so that many doctors and consumers are calling it the next miracle drug.

No other supplement has been found that can do as much as trans resveratrol. It can dilate blood vessels and prevent blood clots from forming. Even though it doesn’t lower cholesterol levels, it does help to clean plaque from the arteries.

Supplements with high levels of trans resveratrol help the body quicker and more efficiently than the supplements that have smaller amount of resveratrol.

Trans resveratrol supplements are a better resveratrol supplement than other resveratrol supplements that aren’t processed in the same manner. The body is able to use trans resveratrol supplements to add protection from free radicals.

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