What are Super Supplements and What are Their Benefits?

Every health report today seems to suggest that supplements are a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Now, super supplements are the latest to emerge as the best of the supplements to be using.

First, consumers have to know what super supplements are before they buy in to the facts. Super supplements are health supplements made for natural, nutrient rich plants like algae.

The best algae to derive supplements from are blue green algae, also called spirulina. Algae absorbs whatever is in the water it grows in so consumers need to make sure they are getting a supplement derived from fresh water, not polluted water.

Because of the popularity of super supplements, there are so-called algae farms set up that grow spirulina in a controlled environment of clean, pure water. This may or may not be a good thing.

When found in naturally occurring clean water, like springs or mountain creeks, the algae has absorbed natural minerals and nutrients. In controlled environments these minerals and nutrients must be added to the water for the algae to absorb. This is why many proponents of super supplements insist that they come from natural sources not farms.

Are Super Supplements Necessary?

This is the questions of the day. There are many people who say they are and many people who say they are not.

First, most people do not eat a healthy diet. They are too busy running from appointment to appointment to stop and have a healthy meal. They eat fast, processed foods that offer little in way of nutrition.

Secondly, that same fast-paced lifestyle that creates a nutrition deficit also creates an accumulation of stress and general exertion on people. Their bodies are run down and need boosted with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to function properly.

So, it is agreed that some form of supplement is necessary. Now, looking at most supplements one finds that the majority are synthetic, created in a lab and only barely resemble the nutrients found in foods.

The human body was not designed to synthesize foreign substances. Many of the supplements that are being used that are not natural literally hang out in the body for unknown lengths of time and may even cause problems later in life.

Another reason synthetic supplements aren’t the best choice is that the body depends on the interaction of vitamins and minerals to utilize them properly. For example, calcium and vitamin D work together; one is not as efficient without the other.

Super supplements are the answer to these concerns. Naturally occurring supplements that the body can utilize to enhance what is obtained from diet and fill in where diet is lacking.

Super supplements can be found online or in health food stores. Make sure the manufacturer specifically states that they are from naturally clean waters or from so called algae farms so that they are not harmful instead of helpful.

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