A Resveratrol Supplement vs. Pure Form: Which is a More Efficient Source?

The recent media hype and attention to the resveratrol supplement has consumers rushing to purchase this so-called miracle supplement. With promises of anti-aging, cancer prevention and cardiovascular health, resveratrol has taken the country by storm.

What most people are neglecting to do is read the reports and understands how resveratrol works. Those who neglect to thoroughly investigate resveratrol supplements may find themselves with a supply of resveratrol that is useless because it never even reaches the bloodstream.

Researchers have proven that resveratrol in its pure form doesn’t make it to the blood stream, stomach acids degrade it, making it just another substance ingested and passed on through the body. Studies were done using red wine and an empty stomach, red wine with food, and uncoated resveratrol supplements to determine how much trans-resveratrol reaches the bloodstream.

Findings show that in order to get a sufficient amount of resveratrol from red wine to be beneficial a person would have to consume over 200 glasses a day, not a healthy or even feasible option.

Resveratrol in liquid and powder form have not shown to be beneficial to the body. Stomach acids interfere with the compound before it reaches the bloodstream and is able to be effective.

In order for resveratrol to release into the bloodstream and be effective, it needs to be enterically coated. This coating prevents the acids in the stomach from damaging the compound and allows it to move into the upper intestine and ultimately the bloodstream where it is able to work as an antioxidant.

In addition to needing an enteric coating to be beneficial, many studies have shown that adding another supplement or vitamin to the supplement mixture can increase the potency of the resveratrol supplement. This is especially important to know when reading the ingredients of the supplement.

If the manufacturer has added another supplement to the resveratrol compound it will be listed in the ingredients, along with how much has been added. Consumers should look into the many different natural supplements that can be added to resveratrol to boost its antioxidant properties.

Acai berry and grape seed extract are two natural supplements that are often found within a resveratrol supplement. Acai berry is also known as a super food and has been shown to be highly effective in helping with weight loss. Adding this to the resveratrol supplement boosts the anti-aging properties of the resveratrol and increases the overall health benefits greatly.

Grape seed extract a known source of resveratrol, can either be the source the supplement if made from or it can be made from the Japanese knotweed plant and then have grape seed extract added to it.

Grape seed extract not only increases the resveratrol benefits, it adds other vitamins such as Vitamin A and C to the supplement. This addition makes the health value of the supplement increase.

Resveratrol supplements abound in the health food market. Wise consumers will look for those that are going to be most beneficial, which means choosing one that has an enteric coating and possibly even added supplements to increase its potency.

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