Which Resveratrol Source is Better?

News magazines and health reports are constantly touting the benefits of resveratrol and its anti-aging properties. More often than not they are paid advertisements for resveratrol, making it even more confusing to know what a good resveratrol source is. Conflicting reports are enough to confuse anyone.

The resveratrol source used depends on whether or not a supplement is desired or if a natural source is wanted. Supplements are often a better choice because of the concentration of the resveratrol. For example, it would take over 200 glasses of red wine to equal one 250 milligram resveratrol supplement.

For people who want to know what foods do contain the powerful antioxidant so they can use foods as a resveratrol source there are some good choices.  It should be remembered that in most cases the highest concentration of resveratrol is found in the skin and seeds, such as grape skins.

There are other resveratrol sources that are foods that can be incorporated into the diet to help get more resveratrol in the body. The amount of resveratrol is not as high as it is in grape skins or in supplements but it will add to what is in the body. These foods can be used as resveratrol sources: one cup of red grapes will yield 1.25 mg of resveratrol; 1 cup of peanut butter will yield 0.15 milligram; 1 cup of peanuts will yield 0.25 milligrams, and 1 cup of boiled peanuts will yield 1.30 milligrams.

It’s easy to see why foods are not the best resveratrol source and supplements are needed to get a therapeutic dosage.

Resveratrol Supplements

Now that it has been noted that the best resveratrol source is a supplement, the question becomes how to find the best supplement. Research is a must due to the overwhelming number of companies trying to cash in on the resveratrol popularity.

Researchers consider resveratrol supplements made from the Japanese knotwood plant to be a top quality supplement. Another top quality resveratrol source is supplements made from grape seed extract. Regardless of which of the two types of supplements chosen, it should contain all natural ingredients with at minimum 20 milligrams of natural resveratrol of the 50% trans kind.

Another important aspect when shopping for a resveratrol source is the casing or coating on the supplement. Top quality resveratrol supplements will have an enteric coating. An enteric coating protects the resveratrol from being degraded by acid in the stomach. This allows the resveratrol to be used properly by the body.

Finally, consumers should make sure their resveratrol source is reputable. A reputable company will offer a money back guarantee and possible even a free trial period. Consumers should read reviews and testimonials and if possible research the company as well. Supplements are not as regulated as foods and medications so it is up to the individual to make sure they are putting only quality products in their body.

Resveratrol sources are abundant in nature and can be added to the diet easily; however, therapeutic doses are difficult at best to get from the diet. Top quality supplements are available that provide the dose needed to get the most benefits.

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