Resveratrol Pills: Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits

Resveratrol pills are the center of many discussions. Doctors and scientists who discovered what is sure to be the next modern miracle medical supplement continue to find more health uses for resveratrol pills.

Cardiovascular health was the first area that doctors found could benefit from resveratrol pills. This discovery came about after discovering that red wine was the reason behind people in the Mediterranean having no heart disease even though they ate diets high in cholesterol. As the research progressed and the red wine was studied, resveratrol was discovered as the source of this benefit.

Resveratrol pill’s health benefits extend well beyond cardiovascular benefits. There are a host of other health conditions and diseases that resveratrol can help with.

Weight Loss

Obesity is responsible for much more than just self-confidence and self-esteem problems. Obesity can cause diabetes, heart disease, and many more health problems.

Resveratrol pills trigger the body to release the SiRT1 gene, the gene responsible for reducing stored fat cells. This makes resveratrol promising in the battle against weight gain.

Overall Energy and Health

Mice used to test resveratrol showed a drastic increase in muscle tissue oxygen consumption. For humans, this would translate to getting physically fit faster when using resveratrol pills. The body has more energy and an overall feeling of health when taking resveratrol.

Another anti aging aspect of resveratrol is that it helps the body to release enzymes called Sirtuins. Sirtuins are released by the body to help prevent degenerative disease. As people age, these enzymes lose their strength and ability to prevent disease. However, resveratrol pills prevent this from happening.

Other Health Benefits

There are other promising test results from resveratrol that include the following:

  • Breast Health: Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers found in women. Not only has resveratrol shown that it fights breast cancer cells, it also fights other estrogen sensitive cancers like prostate and ovarian cancer.
  • Liver disease: Liver disease can be caused by excessive alcohol or for reasons yet unknown. Tests using resveratrol in mice have shown that it helps the liver break down fat. This is an important discovery because it is known that a fatty liver can lead to an increase in liver cancer.
  • Colon cancer reduction: A California study using resveratrol to study colon cancer showed that it could reduce the occurrence of colon cancer cells by up to 67% – this finding could drastically reduce the number of cancer cases.
  • Anti-Aging Research: Research shows that resveratrol slows the aging process by reducing the incidence of heart disease, lowering blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It also prevents the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Many individuals have reported that they have a lower incidence of wrinkles and that their skin feels tighter when using resveratrol pills.


Resveratrol pills should be considered an important part of any nutritional supplement program. The test results that are already proven make it worth adding and future test results look promising.

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