Resveratrol Information

One of the biggest pieces of health news to come out in years has been the introduction resveratrol to the public. Every health magazine and and news source carries some type of resveratrol information, from testimonials touting its effectiveness to research study results that are undisputable.

Resveratrol3dA web search of resveratrol information yields hundreds of entries filled with every aspect of resveratrol that has been studied. This antioxidant that is a chemical compound found in grape skin and seeds have been shown to provide the body with huge health benefits.

Resveratrol health information includes test results that show it effective for weight and fat loss, which in turn aids in the reduction of Type 2 Diabetes. Its antioxidant properties make it beneficial in preventing heart disease and in warding off several types of cancer.

Many scientists and researchers are calling resveratrol the long lost fountain of youth. It prevents the oxidation of cells that are called free radicals and lead to age related disease and illness.

Increased Life Span

Resveratrol information has recently contained research results that prior to 2002 did not exist. Researchers knew that the lifespan of mammals in clinical studies was extended through the use of resveratrol. Now, scientists and researchers know that resveratrol acts as an activator of sirtuin enzyme activity, imitates the positive aspects of a calorie restricted diet, interferes with the aging process and increases the longevity of life in some mammals. More studies are being conducted in order to apply this resveratrol information to humans.

Anti-Diabetic Properties

Resveratrol information from studies done in India has shown that resveratrol is effective in the treatment of diabetes. It helps to reduce the blood glucose level in much the same manner as oral anti-diabetic medications. These test results indicate that resveratrol could possibly be used as a treatment for diabetes.

Resveratrol has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels. Two of the most detrimental health issues that become apparent as people age. By decreasing these numbers, overall health is improved. Another aspect of aging, dementia is thought to be improved through the use of resveratrol.

Resveratrol information points to a reduced formation of plaque on the brain. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are known to have plaque formations on the brain, by reducing this there is a reduction in the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Other resveratrol information has shown that the antioxidant has ant-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in preventing heart disease and cancer. An overview of the properties that are associated with resveratrol is extensive and includes anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-hyperglycemic, and anti-carcinogenic.

These, along with compound being able to mimic the body’s reaction to caloric restriction and slow the process of aging make resveratrol supplements worth considering.


Resveratrol information is sure to be an ongoing health topic as more is learned about the antioxidant through clinical trials with human subjects.

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