Resveratrol Dosage

As more and more people begin to consider the powerful antioxidant resveratrol, the topic of resveratrol dosage is becoming more prevalent. People wonder if the dosage is the same for everyone or if it needs to be adjusted to the individual.

There are companies that claim people should take over 200 milligrams per day. They do this to sell pills, especially to people who want to lose weight. However, there is not any research behind the theory of taking high doses. It has been researched and shown that the delivery method of the pills is more important.

Resveratrol dosage is not as important as whether or not the pills have an enteric coating. An enteric coating is important in assuring that the pill is delivered to the body rather than being degraded by acid in the stomach.

The best resveratrol dosage is found in pills with an enteric coating so that the medication is not lost in the stomach acid but is delivered instead delivered to the upper intestine where it can have the most effectiveness. Without an enteric coating the dosage won’t get into the body, a large portion will be lost in the stomach.

Research shows that for the average adult 20-40 milligrams a day is sufficient and should be combined with synergistic ingredients, such as green tea or olive leaf.

There have not been enough medical studies to know the optimal dosage, further research is needed. The 20-40 milligrams recommended is based on the dosage that worked in mice being converted to a human dosage.

High Resveratrol Dosages

Resveratrol dosage in pillsSome researchers and manufacturers of resveratrol suggest starting with a high resveratrol dosage, as high as 500-1000 milligrams per day. Starting out with such high dosages can cause minor side effects, such as body aches and other flu-like symptoms. Other side effects experienced at high resveratrol dosages include anemia, Achilles heel tendonitis, anxiety and numbness in the fingers.

Another aspect of the antioxidant to take into consideration when considering resveratrol dosage is how long the compound is going to work in the body. Research shows that the benefits of resveratrol last approximately ten hours from the time it is taken. This gives way to the idea of taking two small resveratrol dosages rather than one large one.

Taking two smaller doses allows the body to reap the benefits on a continual basis.

Keeping resveratrol in the body for longer periods keeps the Sirt 1 gene activated and gives the body its maximum benefits. Studies also show that approximately 5 milligrams of resveratrol per kilogram of body weight makes the body feel as though it is being calorically restricted. Caloric reduction has shown to extend the life of subjects studied.

Until studies are finalized and the optimal dosage is discovered, it is best to start on a low dosage and take it twice daily to allow the antioxidant to accumulate in the body. High doses should be avoided in order to avoid prevent experiencing side effects that could be negative.

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