The Pros and Cons of the Hydroxycut Dietary Supplement

Hydroxycut dietary supplement is a product developed and produced for weight loss. It has been mass marketed and advertised around and has several different formulations available.

Hydroxycut dietary supplements are not without their negative side effects and at one time they contained the now banned Ephedra.

Today, there are four different Hydroxycut dietary supplement formulas available: daytime supplements with stimulants; and nighttime supplements without stimulants and formulations without caffeine which is a totally different formula from any other one in the Hydroxycut line.

What it does Contain

Hydroxycut The ingredient listing for Hydroxycut is quite long, so, it’s easier to look at what it contains that helps with weight loss, what makes it powerful.

Hydroxycut contains Garcnina cambogia, a combination of hydroxycitric acid and caffeine. This is one of the most recent ingredients being used to suppress the appetite.

Unlike metabolic enhancers which burn calories, hydroxycitric acid works to stop the urge to eat, especially eating for no reason other than cravings.

There is also an abundance of caffeine in Hydroxycut. Each pill has more caffeine than two cups of coffee, something that some people should not be ingesting.

Hydroxycut Pros

Many people have used Hydroxycut which means that there many reviews to help find out what other people have experienced when using Hydroxycut dietary supplements.

Another pro is that even when the makers removed ephedra they were able to make an effective weight loss product that is available over-the-counter. It can help achieve weight loss goals when it is used in conjunction with exercise and a nutritional diet plan.

Hydroxycut Cons

Reading the reviews show that the biggest con people have found that the only con is that the makers had to revamp their entire product after removing the ephedra, users are still overall happy with the product and report weight loss results.


Hydroxycut is available without a prescription but is a costly product not to be a prescription. It does come with a money back guarantee which helps to offset the price of the product.

Consumers need to be aware of the possible side effects, mostly due to the large amount of caffeine in the pills. Heart palpitations, increase in blood pressure, acne, and nose bleeds have been reported. These are not common but have occurred and should be kept in mind.

Hydroxycut, like any other weight loss supplement, is not a miracle in a bottle. It is an aid that when used in conjunction with diet and exercise can help with weight loss.

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