The Positives Behind Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Research in the past few years has shown that standard tablet and encapsulated vitamins are not as effective as liquid vitamin and mineral supplements in getting the necessary nutrients to the body. The bioavailability of the nutrients is higher in liquid forms than it is in hard forms.

Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements provide a more effective means of transporting the nutrients to the body. This effectiveness is in part due to the body being able to use the nutrients without first breaking down a tablet or capsule.

Health professionals have been stating for years that most people are not getting a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals from diet alone. It is estimated by scientists that over 99% of the world’s population has a vitamin, mineral, or other dietary deficiency. In the United States alone, studies show only two out of five people take a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Liquid Vitamin & Mineral SupplementNow, in addition, scientific research has shown that they average vitamin or mineral supplement doesn’t adequately deliver the nutrients to the body. They estimate that the majority of the people who do are using vitamin supplements aren’t getting the nutritional value from them.

Typical oral vitamin and mineral supplements, both swallowable and chewable, are not easily digested by the body. They must be broken down in order to get into the body’s blood stream. Often, they are flushed out of the body through the intestinal system before they are able to reach the bloodstream.

Estimates on the actual amount of nutrients that reach the bloodstream from supplements are about fifteen percent. This is a low percentage and in such small amounts doesn’t play a large role in improving health. This doesn’t make them useless, just not as effective as a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement.

Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements don’t have to be broken down in the body, they are able to be utilized faster by going straight to the bloodstream. Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements are available from health food nutrition stores and on the internet from any one of the many health food websites.

Although nutritional needs are best met by a well-balanced diet, this is not always and possible and so a vitamin and mineral supplement is necessary. Liquid vitamin and mineral supplements are better absorbed by the body and supply for nutrients than other forms of supplements.

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