Why Organic Whole Food Vitamin Supplements are So Popular

Hectic lifestyles are the norm these days. Two-parent working families, soccer games, cheer-leading practice and other activities that keep families running to and fro have made nutritional supplements a necessity for many families. Organic whole food vitamin supplements have become a major market within this market.

Organic whole food vitamin supplement sales has increased dramatically, between the years 2004 and 2007 over twenty billion dollars was spent on dietary nutritional supplements.

Some people believe they are extending their lifespan and preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer. While there are some that are helping with deficiencies of vitamins in the body, many are simply being flushed out of the body because they are water soluble and eliminated if they are not used.

Why Use Organic Whole Food Vitamin Supplements

Regardless of the well intentions of most people, the simple truth is the very few people follow a well-balanced, nutritious diet every meal, every day of the week. Their hectic lifestyles get in the way.

Rarely are the suggested six to eight servings of whole foods being included in a daily diet. These suggested whole foods include seeds, nuts, vegetables, and grains. Diets today consist of more processed foods than ever before and the deficiency in vitamins is being compensated for with synthetic vitamins.

So, whole natural food deficiencies are being compensated for using synthetic vitamins. Where is the logic? It makes more sense to make up whole food deficiencies with organic whole food vitamin supplements. Whole food deficiency, whole food supplements, this makes natural, healthy sense.

The majority of vitamin and mineral nutrition supplements available on the market today are made with synthetic ingredients. These ingredients are created in laboratories and are chemical substances that simulate the natural molecular structure of vitamins. However, they are not natural vitamins.

The human body is not built to take in and use synthetic compound. It is designed to use natural, nutritional compounds found in food. This is why organic whole food vitamin supplements are the most recommended supplements.

Why Use Organic Supplements

So now that the argument has been made to use whole food supplements it is important to understand why organic supplements are important. Organic supplements are more easily assimilated by the body because they have no synthetic ingredients.

Organic vitamin supplements do not contain any sea shell, rock or coral minerals which means that they do not contain any of the toxins that could have been absorbed by the waters they were found in.

Organic whole food vitamin supplements are highly efficient and more easily absorbed by the body than synthetic vitamins. Choosing organic is healthier and insures that the body is not receiving any toxins from chemicals that are often used in the growing of some raw materials.

While a diet rich in natural whole foods is the best choice for good health, it is not always possible to include in the day’s plans. When this occurs, organic whole food supplements can fill the gap and keep the body functioning in top condition.

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