Natural vs. Synthetic Resveratrol Sources: Which is Best?

Anyone who hasn’t heard of resveratrol and the health benefits it offers must not pay attention to the news. Resveratrol is the naturally occurring antioxidant found in red wine and dark chocolate that is showing great promise in combating heart disease, cancer, and the aging process. However, one doesn’t have drink red wine on a daily basis to get the benefits, there are other resveratrol sources to choose from.

There are many resveratrol sources to choose from, both synthetic and naturally occurring in foods and beverages. The most commonly known source is red wine; however, the resveratrol comes from the grapes used to make the wine, hence, red and green grapes are a good source of resveratrol. The content is higher in red wine due to the fermentation period.

Another resveratrol source, though not as highly packed with the antioxidant as grapes and red wine, is cranberries, strawberries and blueberries, the commonality being that the resveratrol is in the skin of the fruit, just like with grapes.

Peanuts are another good source of resveratrol, which makes peanut butter a good way to add resveratrol to the diet.

Synthetic sources of resveratrol are usually made from a little known plant called the Japanese knotwood. It is also known as monkeyweed or fleeceflower. Knotwood was considered a pesky garden weed until it was proven to be a valuable resveratrol source. The knotwood plant also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Finding the Best Resveratrol Sources and Maximizing their Potential

It would be hard to imagine consuming enough red wine or eating enough grapes to get the amount of resveratrol needed to be beneficial. There are many health supplements on the market that contain resveratrol.

Many of the resveratrol supplements available also contain other nutrients that the body can use. Combining resveratrol with another supplement allows the body to benefit from the synergy created. This allows the body to absorb the benefits of not only each supplement but also the benefits derived from combining the two.

An important thing to consider when purchasing a resveratrol source is the method of delivery. For optimal absorption by the body the supplement should be coated with an enteric layer. This prevents the stomach’s acid from deteriorating the supplement.

Consumers need to protect themselves by reading the reviews of any supplements before purchasing them. The company should offer a trial period and have a money back guarantee.

Research several companies before committing to one and don’t hesitate to return the product if it is inferior in any way.

The demand for resveratrol has many companies rushing to put a product on the market. This is causing some companies to rush to put a resveratrol source out while the demand is high. Research will help to determine which companies are reputable and provide quality products and which ones are fly-by-nighters only out for the money.

Resveratrol sources are many, from foods to synthetic supplements. Consumers have many options and should be diligent in their research.

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