The Multiple Benefits of Grape Seed Extract with Resveratrol

After researchers discovered resveratrol in red wine and thus in grape skins, the red grape became the first choice when making resveratrol supplements. Grape seed extract with resveratrol was the first resveratrol supplement available. It was only later that the Japanese knotwood was discovered to contain resveratrol.

Grape seed extract with resveratrol is sometimes referred to as ultra resveratrol. Researchers are finding that in addition to the anti-disease properties and anti-aging properties already attributed to resveratrol, grape seed extract with resveratrol may offer additional benefits.

Laboratory tests have revealed that other medical benefits can be found when using the resveratrol found in grape seed, including wound healing. Studies show that grape seed extract with resveratrol induced vascular endothelial growth and sped up the healing process in mice that were injured.

Grape seeds extract has been used for many years for circulatory disorders, including poor circulation, diabetic retinopathy, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency.

Research using the powerful antioxidant taken from grape seed extracts points to it being powerful in preventing the oral metabolism of sugar and thus stopping the growth of bacteria that causes dental decay. This find could be important in preventing many people from losing their natural teeth due to decay and infection.

The anti-aging properties already attributed to resveratrol are expanded upon even further in studies with grape seed extract with resveratrol. Osteoporosis, one of the most detrimental aspects of aging for many people due to bone breakage, shows relief with the use of resveratrol from grape seeds. Bone density is enhanced and strengthened in the studies done with laboratory animals.

Grape seed extract with resveratrol is believed to protect the skin against damage done by ultraviolet lights.

Other testing is underway to determine the effect of grape seed extracts on other cancers and health issues, including breast cancer, estrogen levels in post menopausal women and coronary artery disease. While some of these are already known to respond to resveratrol, scientists are hoping to discover if grape seed extract with resveratrol is more beneficial than resveratrol processed from the knotwood plant.

Another benefit of using grape seed extract with resveratrol is that it stays in the body for up to three days, compared with the average time for resveratrol supplements which are typically only active for ten hours.

The overall picture of resveratrol supplements becomes even bigger when combining the grape seed’s health benefits with the benefits of resveratrol alone. Scientists have already linked many health benefits to the use of the powerful antioxidant without consideration to its source.

Now, research suggests that the source of the resveratrol may indeed play an important role in the health benefits obtained. If taking a resveratrol supplement processed from Japanese knotwood is helpful and grape seed supplements provide health benefits while at the same time containing resveratrol. The conclusion that grape seed extract with resveratrol is a better choice is the logical conclusion.

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