Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 Review

Here is one of the strongest and most effective green coffee supplement on the market today. With 800mg green coffee bean extract per serving, Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 is providing 50% Chlorogenic Acid (GCA). This is the real deal!

Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 is extremely popular and offers many benefits over the others. The makers of this product understand that the true power of green coffee does not lie in caffeine, but in the powerful chlorogenic acid that is found within. That’s why this product delivers pure 800mg green coffee bean extract in every capsule which is administered twice a day, explains the number of “1600” in its name.

With that in mind, Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 is a premier product that you need to try out on your own, so that you can see the powerful results for yourself.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee has recently become a popular addition to weight loss products. It has recently been discovered as a popular fat fighting mechanism and with the weight crisis facing the world today, many weight loss supplement manufacturers have chosen to add it to their products. When you are choosing between these products, you will likely find that the choice is difficult due to the wide range of options that you have.

By offering 50% chlorogenic acid, Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 is able to increase the amount of weight that can be lost. Not only is the body’s fat absorption rate increased, but it also has the power to block fat that other leading competitors cannot.

In recent studies, participants in a study were able to lose an average of 18 pounds of the course of a few months. Plus with the natural ingredients, you can lose weight naturally without the nasty side effects that caffeine has and will not need to worry about your energy levels.

What are the Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 Ingredients?

Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement facts

Supplement facts, click on image for full size.

Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 was created to harness the maximum results possible from chlorogenic acid. This incredible compound helps reduce the amount of fat that your body has stored and takes in on a daily basis.

It contains  Green Coffee Bean 1600mg (Coffee Arabica, Standardized for 50% Chlorogenic Acids) and Cellulose (vegetable capsule).

By adding the natural form of this ingredient, you will have the benefit of enjoying the results of Green Coffee without the added side effects that many of us have come to expect with weight loss diet pills.

You will also find that your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are kept at better levels making your body healthier overall.

Does Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 Work?

Studies have shown that chlorogenic acid can inhibit the release of glucose that is found in the body, which leads to an increase of the metabolism. While one portion of your body is preventing fat from being stored, another section of your body is getting rid of the fat that has already been stored by your body.

Many leading competitors offer chlorogenic acid at rates between 20% and 40%, but Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 has actually included 50% of this powerful ingredient so that its results are magnified greatly. Many people have used this product and found great success without any changes to their diet or exercise program.

Is It Right for Me?

By choosing this product you will also get “The Triple Threat Fat Loss Guide”, a powerful weight loss guide for free. By applying theguide along with taking Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 as directed, you will have the benefit of enjoying even further amazing results.

Although proper diet and exercise is not necessary with this product, it is a good idea to begin changing your lifestyle so that you have a better chance of keeping the weight off for good once Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 helped you to lose it.

By combining the powerful guide with the effects promised by Lumen Green Coffee Bean Extract 1600 , you will be well on your way to enjoying a healthy life and a beautiful new body.

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