How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally: Follow Our Easy Steps

Blood pressure medications may cause other health issues in some people and so they look for ways to lower blood pressure naturally.

High blood pressure is a health challenge faced by many people. The results of prolonged high blood pressure can be detrimental and possibly even deadly.

Lowering blood pressure naturally is not a difficult thing to do, but it does require lifestyle changes and determination. There are several steps that people can take to help lower blood pressure and help health in general.

Steps to Lowering Blood Pressure

Lowering blood pressureThe most important thing to note about lowering blood pressure naturally is that if a physician has indicated that the blood pressure is extremely high and stroke or health damage is likely; discuss natural methods with him before deciding to forego prescription medications. There are times when prescriptions are necessary and natural methods are supplements to the medication.

Exercise is the first thing a person should do to lower blood pressure naturally. The exercise doesn’t have to be muscle-man type exercise, simple walking will help to lower blood pressure. Not only will the blood pressure go down but so will weight. The best thing about walking to lower blood pressure is that it is free.

Reducing sodium is another way to lower blood pressure naturally. Salt is blood pressure’s enemy and should be avoided totally if possible and limited to 1500 milligrams per day if it can’t be avoided.

It is important to watch the ingredients on foods, particularly processed and canned foods that are laden with sodium. Frozen or fresh foods typically have less sodium. There is also sodium or no salt added foods that can be purchased.

Restricting sodium intake may be difficult at first; the taste buds are accustomed to it. However, taste buds can be retrained to find foods pleasant without added salt. Other spices will actually taste better and are healthier.

Stress should be avoided in an effort to lower blood pressure naturally. Yoga and other meditative arts are excellent stress relievers that can help lower blood pressure. Simple personal time works just as well and is also another free option for lowering blood pressure.

Natural Supplements

There are nutritional supplements available that have been shown to lower blood pressure naturally. Resveratrol and grape seed extract are two such supplements that lower blood pressure naturally and at a much lower cost than prescription drugs. These two supplements also have positive effects on health in other ways as well.

High blood pressure affects people from every walk of life. Untreated it can lead to stroke or even death. Medication to treat blood pressure is often expensive or has side effects that make it hard for some people to use.

Treating blood pressure naturally with free and low cost alternatives is an option many people are turning to, with the blessing of their physician. Lowering blood pressure naturally also has a positive effect on a person’s overall health, making it a win-win option.

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