What to Look for in a Vitamin Supplement Manufacturer?

The quest for longer and healthier lives has made vitamin supplements a major market. However, not all vitamin supplement manufacturers are the same and consumers need to do their homework before buying supplements. The cheapest price is not always the best product.

There are three critical areas that consumers need to make sure the vitamin supplement manufacturer excels in: the design of the supplement, the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process. If the manufacturer is not excelling in these areas it is best to find another supplement company.

Supplement Design

A top quality vitamin supplement manufacturer will insure that the efficacy of the vitamin supplements they produce is safe. When designing a multi-vitamin or a supplement with more than one ingredient, they will be one hundred percent secure in the knowledge that the ingredients work together. If they are not, the end results of combining ingredients can be disastrous.

Vitamin supplement manufacturers should use scientific research to combine their compounds. This will allow them to know for certain the degree to which each compound is affected by the others. For instance, the effects of some vitamins are compounded when combined with synthetic ingredients; others are weakened or negated completely. Quality vitamin supplement manufacturers will know this.

Ingredient Quality

Ingredient quality should be of major concern not only to the consumer but also to the vitamin supplement manufacturer if they are of reputable character. Ingredients should be pure, not combined with fillers and the ingredient listing should be easy to read so that the consumer can discern what is in the supplement.

If possible, consumers should find out where the manufacturer gets their raw ingredients. If they are from a reputable supplier the end resulting supplement will be of higher quality than if they are obtained from an inferior supplier. Consumers should find out how the manufacturer selects their suppliers.

Manufacturing Process

Many consumers don’t realize that the manufacturing process plays a large role in the quality of the final product. Every step of the process plays a role in the final supplement produced, from the mixing time to the time between mixing and encapsulation.

vitamin-nutritionMixing time is often shortened if the vitamin supplement manufacturer is a large volume distributor trying to meet deadlines. This shortened mixing time may make lower dose substances mix improperly due the mixer not having time to get all of the compounds mixed together.

The time the compound sits after mixing and before the actual encapsulation is also important. If it is more than two hours the compound may begin to break down. Ideally the compound will be encapsulated or be put into tablet form as quickly as possible.

The only sure way consumers have of being certain they are receiving top quality supplements is to find manufacturers that meet pharmaceutical industry standards. This is not always easy to do because supplements are not regulated as tightly as pharmaceuticals. However, quality manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure they meet these standards in order to secure more consumer confidence.

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