The Health Uses of Seaweed Dietary Supplements

Seaweed dietary supplements are not new in the world of supplements; however, they are experiencing a rise in popularity as a new generation learns what they have to offer in health benefits.

Seaweed contains a unique mixture of nutrients, over seventy micronutrients some of which are not found in land based plants. Micro nutrients are as important as other nutrients for body function only they are not needed in large quantities, hence their name, micro.

Seaweed dietary supplements, depending on what seaweed they are derived from, can provide a vast array of nutrients.

The most complex seaweeds provide nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur; it also contains all known minerals and trace elements along with at least twenty amino acids and some of the best saccharides.

On the other hand it is very low in fat and calories. It could be argued that seaweed is a super food.

This perfectly balanced, all-natural plant food has been used for centuries in traditional medicines, for nutrition, as an aphrodisiac and as a fertilizer.

Seaweed Dietary Supplements; Reasearch and Study

Claims have been made for hundreds of years as to its ability to fight cancer, kill bacteria, thin the blood and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Researchers have tuned in to this history of medicinal claims and begun rigorous testing.

Because seaweed is an all-natural, organic dietary supplement, it is easily broken down and used by the body making its nutritional benefits more easily obtained by the body.

Some seaweed has been found to contain up to thirty times more minerals than foods found on land, making seaweed dietary supplements more potent than other dietary supplements.

Seaweed Dietary Supplements for Health Uses

Seaweed and seaweed dietary supplements have been used for many years in the treatment of thyroid disorders.

Because it is rich in iodine, seaweed and seaweed supplements are an excellent resource for helping to regulate the thyroid, which relies on iodine for proper functioning.

Seaweed was used in ancient Egypt in the treatment of breast cancer. Today, it is being used more widely in the treatment of cancer and radiation therapy due to its natural detoxification properties.

Other health related issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease that have been shown to be linked to salt intake have shown positive reactions to seaweed treatment.

Small amounts of whole salt, such as is found in seaweed, have shown to be an antidote to the consumption of too much sodium. This finding makes seaweed dietary supplements useful when battling diseases that are sodium related.

Seaweed dietary supplements come from the ocean, a source rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

While some people may be concerned with the amount of pollution in the ocean, it is a proven fact that the soils of the Earth are more polluted than the ocean waters, making seaweed supplements safe or safer than land grown supplements.

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