Getting What You Need in the Form of Vitamin D3 Supplements

Most everyone knows milk supplies the body with vitamin D, what many people might not realize is that there are different vitamin D’s, just like there are different vitamin Bs.

Vitamin D3 is both a hormone and a vitamin that is produced at the skin levels under the influence of sunlight. If enough sunlight is not received, a person can add vitamin D3 supplements.

Vitamin D3′s function in the body is varied. It is important in helping the body to process calcium at the intestinal level which helps the body to absorb it into its system.

Vitamin D3′s makeup is very similar to that of steroids such as cortisol, testosterone and cholesterol. When physicians perform blood tests for vitamin D3 levels they have to measure the levels in different areas of the body due to it varying in different places.

Adding Vitamin D3 Supplements

Vitamin D3 supplements can be added to the daily routine in order to increase the amount that the body is receiving; however, this should be done under a doctor’s care or at least with his knowledge.

If too much vitamin D3 is in the body, whether naturally or by a vitamin D3 supplement, there can be a range of health concerns, ranging from calcium levels that are too high in the blood to a decrease in renal function.

The proper dosage of vitamin D3 supplements should be below 2000 I/U per day. In addition to taking a supplement to get vitamin D3, it can be found in margarine, milk, and cereals that have been fortified with the vitamin.

Vitamin D3 is an oil soluble substance that can also be obtained by eating cod liver, salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Between the proper diet and enough sun exposure, most people should be able to get the proper amount of Vitamin D3. For those who do have a deficiency, Vitamin D3 supplements are available.

Effect of Vitamin D3 Deficiency

The body needs all forms of vitamin D, not just vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 deficiency causes impaired bone mineralization which leads to the bones becoming soft overtime. In children this can result in the rickets, osteomalacia in adults and osteoporosis as adults progress in age.

It is easy to see the importance of having enough Vitamin D3 in the body. Particularly as people age and their bones begin to suffer. The majority of people falsely believe that calcium alone is needed to help prevent this loss of bone, when in fact, calcium and vitamin D3 are both necessary to prevent it.

Adding supplements to help the body with missing nutrients is an important step in maintaining good health during the adult years when it is easy to forget to eat properly. During childhood there is typically an adult overseeing the nutrition needs, however, as children grow older they are more and more likely to forego those needs and eat whatever is convenient, this is why supplements like Vitamin D3 are so important in maintaining overall health.

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