Get More Results with Natural Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E has been available as a supplement for many years. Consumers who use a Vitamin E supplement might not be aware that there are two types available, a synthetic Vitamin E supplement and a natural Vitamin E supplement.

According to researchers, natural Vitamin E is more powerful than synthetic Vitamin E, in fact it is almost 36% more powerful. The international unit or IU was developed to show that there is a difference in the potency of synthetic and natural supplements.

Recently, new studies have shown that not only is a natural Vitamin E supplement more powerful, the body is able to utilize it twice as productively as it does the synthetic version.

Vitamin E Study Results

The research study on synthetic versus natural Vitamin E supplements proved that the body reacts differently to the two types. While both the synthetic and the natural Vitamin E supplement are absorbed by the digestive tract equally well. However, once it reaches the liver there are marked changes. Blood level tests showed that there was nearly twice as much natural Vitamin E in the system than there was of the synthetic Vitamin E.

Importance of Natural Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E has been shown, through intensive research, to fight free radicals. This in turn helps the body to fight off disease and improve health in general. It has also been shown to protect men from prostate cancer. A recent study by researchers in Finland showed that men who took 50 IUs of Vitamin E daily had a marked reduced incidence of prostate cancer despite being smokers.

Vitamin E has also been linked to reduced or delayed instances of cataracts and macular degeneration. The liquid form of a natural Vitamin E supplement has been proven to cut the rate of cataracts by as much as fifty percent. Elderly patients who add natural Vitamin E in high doses have been shown to have a lower risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in elderly people.

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

Another debilitating disease of old age that has shown to respond well to Vitamin E is Alzheimer’s disease. When combined with calcium and taken in doses that are higher than usual, the body’s immune system is boosted and the onset of many diseases is diminished.

Heart Disease Prevention

Because Vitamin E fights free radicals it also helps to prevent heart disease. Furthermore, research has shown that people who added Vitamin E to their daily regimen after being diagnosed with heart disease had lower incidences of subsequent heart attacks than those who did not add the supplement.

Natural Vitamin E Supplement Wins

With all the facts in hand that support adding Vitamin E to the diet for health benefits and the added research showing that natural Vitamin E is absorbed better by the body, is it any wonder people are switching to natural Vitamin E to increase their body’s ability to fight disease?

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