Forskolin Review

Imagine a product that with only 125 mg can boost your metabolism and help you lose fat without side effects. These are the results you will see with a revolutionary new product called Forskolin.

This natural supplement is derived from a plant that is member of the mint family. Weight loss experts are now saying that Forskolin if able to boost the way your body breaks down fat and the way that fatty acids are released to the tissues of the body.

By relying on thermogenesis, Forskolin helps those who use it to achieve lower body fat levels and an increased lean body mass.

The best thing about Forskolin is that you will not need to take multiple pills per day in order to achieve these awesome results. One bottle contains 30 capsules of which you take one daily.

About Forskolin

Forskolin Product

Dr. Oz first drew attention to Forskolin on his May 5th episode titled “Rapid Belly Melt”. He showed how the product “works like a furnace inside your body” when he lit a paper on fire. After the paper had burned, a model of muscle tissue remained, which showed how Forskolin burns fat rather than muscle.

This was not the first time he featured this product on his show. In earlier episodes he referred to it as “lightning in a bottle” and a “miracle flower to fight fat.”

According to experts Forskolin helps you to lose weight because of its power to wake up a sluggish metabolism. It is recommended that this product be taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise program.

The Land of Evidence

Because this product is fairly new, there have only been small studies completed. One study that was referenced on the Dr. Oz show involved a small group of 15 men who tried the product out for 12 weeks. Although there were favorable changes to their body composition, it is difficult to say what the results would be on a larger scale study.

These men did see their body fat percentages and fat mass significantly decrease and their bone mass and lean body mass saw an increase. The most interesting portion of this study is that although they did see changes, these men did not lose weight.

However, body composition changes are fairly beneficial, but there was also an increase in testosterone, which can be dangerous. After this study, it is difficult to say if the product holds any benefits or what the risks might be.

A group of 23 women also tried out the Forskolin as part of a study and it was found that, at least for these women, there were no significant changes to body composition and there did not appear to be any weight loss benefits to the product. However, it was believed that it may help mitigate weight gain without side effects.

Currently these are the only two studies that have been conducted on humans. Other research was completed in labs, but research is still ongoing with this product.

What is Forskolin?

Coleus forskohlii mintForskolin has been derived from a plant called Coleus forskohlii, which belongs to the mint family. The basis behind the product is that it works to increase AMP.

By increasing the production of cyclic AMP, the contractility of the heart muscle is increased and there is thought that it may affect other cells such as platelet and thyroid cells.

Studies are still ongoing, but it is believed that there is a chance that it may prevent tumor cells from growing as well as cancer metastasis. However, it is still uncertain as to whether it is safe to use for this purpose.

Other research indicates that it may be affective, if it is inhaled as a powder, for asthma and that it may decrease intraocular pressure for those with glaucoma. As far as safety goes, it is rated as “possible safe” and there are potential interactions with other prescription drugs that you may be taking as well as other herbs and supplements.

If you are taking Forskolin and will be going through surgery, you will need to stop using it at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery because it has the potential to increase the risk of bleeding.

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