Finding the Best Vitamin Supplement Reviews

Finding vitamin supplement reviews that are credible can be difficult because a great many vitamin supplement reviews that are found on the Internet are biased and designed to encourage purchasing a specific product.

Researching Health Supplements

When researching vitamin supplement reviews and attempting to discern what the best ones are, there are several things consumers need to keep in mind.

First, do a quick search on the Internet of the manufacturer of the product. Quality manufacturing companies will have enough information available to get an idea of their reputation and business practices.

Research the ingredients that are in the supplement. Some supplements have had clinical research studies done and there will be vitamin and nutritional supplement reviews based on these trials.

Supplements that don’t have clinical study results to use as a guide can be researched by ingredients. There are many websites that have research on thousands of raw ingredients that make up supplements.

These ingredients and the quality or lack there-of are as important in the overall quality as the formula used to make the supplement.

Many vitamin supplement reviews may offer quality assurance test results. Don’t be fooled by these. Some manufactures will fool the public with paid for testing and reviews. On the other hand, if company is reputable, the tests are most likely true.

Even though health supplements are not regulated by the FDA, top quality manufacturers operate according to their guidelines. In the future, all supplement manufacturers may have to adhere to FDA guidelines is the laws change.

Liquids or Pills, Coated or Not

Vitamin reviews should also contain information on the various forms of the supplement, liquid, powder, capsules, or tablets. Some supplements are available in different forms and the consumer can choose what works best for them.

Other supplements lose their potency in some forms and should not be used unless they are in the recommended medium. For example, resveratrol needs to have an enteric coating to prevent it from degrading.

The type of coating on the pills or capsules doesn’t have to be enteric, unless the ingredients in the supplement recommend it, however, capsules are generally considered superior because they break down faster, thereby getting the supplement to the body faster than tablets.

Vitamin Supplement Reviews and Claims

It is almost impossible to find a supplement review that doesn’t have a testimonial, promise or vivid before and after images that seem too good to be true.

The fact is most of the claims are too good to be true. If the supplement manufacturer is reputable and has top quality products then they have no need for false advertising and outrageous claims.

There are regulations on what advertisers can and cannot do in health and supplement advertisements. The main thing is that they must have both an audio and a visual statement that it is a paid advertisement.

In the End

In the end vitamin supplement reviews are only as good as the company or person righting the review. Consumers should be very diligent in their research and not take everything they read as truth.

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