Dietary Supplement Reviews Online: Explore Various Supplements Conveniently

There are dietary supplement reviews available on the Internet for many of the supplements available. These reviews will help consumers make informed decisions on their nutritional supplements.

Dietary supplement reviews should contain information about the supplement that covers everything consumers need to know in order to feel safe and secure in taking the supplement.

What Dietary Supplement Reviews Should Contain

Nutritional supplement reviews should start out explaining what the supplement is and where it is found or derived from. If it is a naturally occurring supplement, the review should cover where it comes from.

Synthetic supplements should have information that explains the ingredients in the product and the function of each one.

Next, a dietary supplement review should explain what conditions or reasons warrant the use of the supplement. For example, a review on the Acai berry might contain information that explains how the Acai berry is an important antioxidant that can help prevent disease.

In addition to covering what the supplement is used for, the review should contain any research results showing why the supplement should be used for any tested conditions.

The dosage amount is an important part of any supplement review. Included in the dosage section should be detailed information on what dosage the supplements are sold in and what dosage they should be taken in and how often.

Along with dosage information, supplement reviews should cover any interactions that the supplement has been known to have, even if the interactions are rare they should be listed.

Interaction information should include food and drug interactions as well as any other precautions or safety tips that should be considered.


As mentioned previously, any testing that has been done with the supplement being reviewed should be included in the review. The majority of nutritional supplements have undergone some type of testing and the results are a matter of public information.

Testing information should include any long term effects the supplement may have on health, both positive and negative. Additionally, side effects and testing methods should be included in the review.


Dietary supplement reviews may or may not include opinions or recommendations. Those that do include recommendations should be based on facts. Any review that includes advertisements for a particular brand of supplement should be considered suspect as it is probably a marketing ploy.

Legitimate recommendations in dietary supplement reviews include both negative and positive comments in order to allow consumers to weigh their opinion based on being fully informed.

Dietary supplement reviews can be found on the Internet and in many consumer review magazines. They can be useful for making decisions on what supplements to use and which ones to avoid. The majority are legitimate and filled with information although there are a few that are simply advertisements for a particular brand of supplement.

Ultimately, consumers should make their decisions based on sound testing and truthful reports and their own sound judgment.

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