How to Determine the Integrity of Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed in the Media

Reading health articles on the weight loss supplements reviewed for their effectiveness can be disappointing. The majority of weight loss supplement reviews that you see will most likely be ads for specific weight loss supplements.

When searching for those weight loss supplements reviewed by others, the main point is to find one that is written by a doctor or other person not affiliated with any weight loss products, this will insure that the review is unbiased.

If finding weight loss supplement reviews that are unbiased is difficult, then research each individual product using these guidelines to help determine which one to try:

Ingredients: Check the ingredients listing for any ingredient that has been banned. The main one to look for is ephedra, it has been banned due to health complications and it is also addictive.

Read every piece of literature or web page that can be found. Find out how it is supposed to work. If it is a fat blocker, what percentage of fat does it claim to absorb? Is it going to cause digestive issues when expelling the fat?

If it is an appetite suppressant, is it going to cause jittery, anxious type feelings? When it wears off is it going to cause an eating binge?

Research the manufacturer – are the reputable? Do they stand behind their product? Have they been in business a considerable amount of time?

Which Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed Work?

There are many websites that do weight loss supplement reviews for consumers without trying to pitch products to them. The majority of these don’t call out brand names, instead they review based on ingredients.

The number one ingredient for weight loss without a prescription has fast become hoodia. Hoodia has been on the market for many years now and still continues to outsell other products.

Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant and helps to fight hunger cravings. It is derived from an African cactus and has not shown any side effects. African natives used this compound to stave off hunger when going on long hunting journeys where they would be without food.

The second most reviewed weight loss supplement is green tea. Green tea is available as a drink and as pills or capsules. It works to not only suppress appetite and increase metabolism but also to help the body rid itself of toxins.

The Acai berry has been making the list of most reviewed weight loss supplements and has also shown some promise as a weight loss aid. It too works to suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism in the body to help burn off fat cells.

Consumers should always be wary of any review of any product if the review is also attempting to sell a product. Reputable review companies don’t endorse any particular product; they only offer information so that consumers can make informed decisions, an important factor when considering any product that pertains to health.

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