Depression Supplements: Lift Your Spirits Naturally

Everybody experiences depression at one time or another in their life. In lots of people it lingers and turns into a medical problem that needs professional treatment and in other people it is situational and tends to dissipate over time. Those individuals with short bouts of depression can try to use natural herbs, minerals and vitamins that are classified as depression supplements to help shorten their depression.

Doctors and scientists have identified some key nutrients and dietary supplements that tend to be associated with depression, either in a deficiency state or as being able to offset symptoms.

These are considered depression supplements and may provide relief for those suffering with the blues.

Vitamin B9

depression supplementsVitamin B9, also known as Folate has been associated with depression more often than any other dietary supplement or nutrient. Research shows that up to 38% of those diagnosed with depression are also deficient in folate.

This same research has found a link between effectively treating depression and low levels of folate. People with folate deficiencies don’t respond to SSRI’s and fluoxetine, common treatments for depression.

These conclusions have led to the use of folate as a depression supplement, both for treatment of depression and for helping to prevent it in the first place. Doctors suggest starting off with a multivitamin then increasing the amount of B9 over time and with doctor approval.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are known for being crucial to good health for their antioxidant properties, however, they are also important in brain chemical functions which control serotonin and dopamine and play a role in depression.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be used as depression supplements to offset depression. It has already been proven that people with depression have low levels of these fatty acids and that supplementing to correct his deficiency is one step to alleviating depression.


Tryptophan is another naturally occurring substance that is closely associated with serotonin production. This amino acid, when used in conjunction with tricyclic medications has shown to aid in the relief of depression better than using the tricyclic medications alone. Research is continuing in the use of tryptophan as a depression supplement. Due to some of the side effects, it should not be used unless under the care of a doctor.


The mineral selenium has also been studied for use in depression as a natural remedy. In some patients, using selenium helped to improve their feelings of depression after a period of five weeks.

Selenium is available as a supplement and is also naturally found in foods like shellfish, garlic, sunflower seeds, liver, brewer’s yeast and nuts and grains. It has a significant impact on mood and can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Depression comes in many forms, for some people it is debilitating while others see it merely as a bump in the road. There are many methods of treating depression, prescription medications and natural depression supplements are just two such ways.

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