What Constitutes the Best Nutritional Supplements?

Anyone who takes vitamins and minerals for their health wants to use the best nutritional supplement available. No one wants to put something into their body that is not top quality, safe and effective.

With so many nutritional supplements on the market how does one go about finding the best nutritional supplement for their needs? There are many factors to consider.


First and foremost should be the manufacturer of the product. While it is not necessary to be familiar with every name in the nutritional market, it is a good idea to look into the names of any that are unknown before purchasing their products.

After all, the end result is going to affect future health conditions.


The vast majority of nutritional supplements on the market are synthetic and very poor in quality. A good example is Vitamin E.

In its pure, natural form, Vitamin E has many health benefits to offer. However, the synthetic form of Vitamin E can have adverse health effects.

The point in this is to examine the ingredients on any supplement before deciding to use it; it should be pure and natural. While there are synthetic supplements that are top quality, natural supplements are a better choice if at all possible.


Tablet and capsule supplements have a coating to help them go down the esophagus. Top quality supplements will have enteric coatings.

An enteric coating protects the supplement from being degraded by the acid in the stomach. If it is degraded it will be useless when it gets to the bloodstream.

Poor quality supplements use veggie-caps in place of enteric coatings. Veggie-caps do not protect the supplement and all of its benefits are lost.


Synergistic ingredients are top quality ingredients that allow user to get the benefits of each ingredient and of the combination of ingredients working together.

The majority of supplements that are poorly manufactured are not synergistic, meaning that they do not have the right blending of ingredients and most of the benefits are lost.

An example of this is magnesium and calcium. When combined, they work synergistically, they are still able to provide their independent benefits and at the same time work together to provide added benefits such as balance.


The best nutritional supplements are those that follow the guidelines outlined herein and by doing so create a supplement that delivers what it is expected to deliver without the user having to take unusually high doses.

Top quality manufacturers make sure their delivery method, formulation, coating, and ingredients all come together to provide a therapeutic amount of supplement in a typical dosage amount.


Typically, supplements are taken once or twice daily, one to two tablets at a time. Consumers should be alert to synthetic, inferior products claiming to offer the same benefits once daily.

The best nutritional supplements are those that offer the most to the consumer in terms of ingredients, absorbability by the body and other key factors. If a supplement is able to meet these requirements chances are it will be worthwhile.

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