Compare Weight Loss Supplements and Get the Best for Your Money

With so many weight loss aids on the market it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Consumers should compare weight loss supplements to find the one that most suits their needs.

Weight loss supplements are a major market for health and nutrition supplement manufacturers, people everywhere are looking for that magic pill that will help them shed unwanted pounds.

There are many websites that offer reviews of weight loss supplements. Physicians and pharmacists are also valuable sources of information on which weight loss supplements perform the best. To help with the decision, a few comparisons are included herein.


Proactol is the first product reviewed in the comparison of weight loss supplements. It is a one hundred percent natural product that organically binds to fat. Proactol is made from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia Fiscus Indica a cactus known for its nutritional value.

When comparing weight loss supplements it is important to find credible products that have been tested. Proactol is one such product. Clinical tests show that it is effective in aiding with weight loss and it is also medically backed by several pre-clinical studies.

Proactol works by binding to fat molecules in the food eaten. This organic, non-soluble fiber prevents the body from absorbing the fat that is in the foods eaten. These fats are then passed out of the body naturally. Tests have concluded that Proactol is able to bind 28% of the fat consumed.

In addition to binding fat molecules, the soluble fibers in Proactol also slow the digestion process which makes the body feel fuller and thus suppresses the appetite.

In several weight loss supplement comparisons, Proactol was ranked number one.


Hoodia has been a popular weight loss supplement for several years. There are many different manufacturers of hoodia supplements, UniqueHoodia being one of them.

Hoodia is known for its ability to tell the brain that the stomach is full thereby suppressing the appetite. UniqueHoodia, the weight loss supplement chosen for this comparison, is unique in that it is made from one hundred percent pure Hoodia taken directly from the South African farms. It also meets all requirements under the USDA Organic certification program.

The simplicity of UniqueHoodia is that it stops the appetite, literally stops hunger cravings, making it easier to diet. Some users have found that they have to remind themselves to eat in order to get adequate nutrition.

In comparing weight loss supplements, UniqueHoodia places second against the Proactol.


Consumers who want to compare weight loss supplements should utilize the Internet. There are many companies that do comparison tests and report their findings for others to use. Although in theory an individual could do their own comparison, the reality is that doing so would be expensive and possibly detrimental to the weight loss process.

Before making the final decision on a weight loss supplement research the different comparison tests and find out what the general consensus is, this will be a starting point on finding the right weight loss supplement.

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