Did You Know Cinnamon Supplements Have Great Health Benefits?

Cinnamon is not just for desserts and spiced tea anymore. Researchers have determined that cinnamon provides the body with a myriad of health benefits. This has increased the demand for cinnamon supplements because most people don’t eat enough cinnamon laden foods to get therapeutic doses.

Cinnamon has many unique properties that make it a healing compound. These properties come from the essential oils found in the cinnamon bark. These oils are largely responsible for the health benefits that are derived from using cinnamon supplements.

Anti-Clotting Actions

Cinnamic aldehyde, one of the components of the natural oils found in cinnanmon and is in cinnamon supplements, has undergone extensive research to determine its effects on blood platelets.

Cinnamon has shown to be beneficial in preventing unwanted clotting and clumping of blood platelets. This same compound also puts cinnamon in the anti-inflammatory category as it also helps to alleviate inflammation.

Cinnamon’s oils have also proven to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, including yeast. In research tests, cinnamon oils were able to prevent the growth of some of the most stubborn yeasts.

This could make cinnamon an excellent choice for preventing yeast infections that women commonly experience.

Blood glucose levels can be regulated with the use of cinnamon supplements and with the addition of cinnamon to carbohydrate rich foods. Cinnamon slows the rate that the stomachs empties itself of food, this in turn reduces blood sugar spikes immediately after eating.

This finding has led researchers to study other aspects of cinnamon on the body and blood glucose levels. They have found that cinnamon may greatly improve the ability of the body to react to insulin and regulate blood sugar.

This finding could lead to a decreased incidence of Type 2 diabetics who are insulin dependent and possibly even reduce the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes.

As a result of helping to regulate blood glucose levels, individuals with Type 2 Diabetes who add a cinnamon supplement to their diets can also expect to avoid many of the health complications related to out of control blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon SupplementsCinnamon is a high powered anti-oxidant that has shown the ability to prevent oxidation more so than six other tested antioxidant containing spices, including ginger, licorice, nutmeg, vanilla, anise and mint.

Cinnamon supplements are the easiest way to add the health benefits that come from consuming cinnamon. Individuals should still include cinnamon whenever they have the opportunity. There has been research conducted that shows that the smell of cinnamon boosts brain activity.

This research showed that chewing cinnamon flavored chewing gum or having the aroma of cinnamon in the room increased the participants’ cognitive processing skills in the study.

he specific areas of improvement were attention demanding skills, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual motor speed while at a computer.

These results could lead to cinnamon aroma therapy being used in elderly patient with diminished capacity.

Smell it, add it to food or take a supplement, regardless of how it is consumed, cinnamon should definitely be added to the daily routine.

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