Carb Blockers Reviews: Do They Really Work?

The Atkins diet was one of the embryonic low carbohydrate style diets. It has since given way to better balanced diets such as the South Beach diet which allows carbohydrate in moderation as long as they are good and slow burning carbs such as whole grain.

There are many people out there who are either on or want to commit to a low carbohydrate diet. Their problem is the fact that they struggle to maintain the discipline of a low carb regime. This is where Carb blocker weight loss pills can help.

How Do Carb Blocker Pills Function?

Carb blockers help decrease the levels of carbohydrates that enter your body and subsequently encourage your body to start using its fat stores for energy. To expand on this a little further, Carb Blocker pills stop the enzyme alpha-amylase from connecting with starches.

Alpha-amylase is found in saliva and helps split carbohydrate into molecules that our system will absorb. Carb Blockers help stop this process and instead the carbohydrate can pass through the body.

The majority of carb blocker diet supplements pills are formulated from extracts of Phaseolus Vulgaris (Phase 2) which is the botanical name for the Kidney bean. Phase 2 has been clinically studied and has been shown to reduce the absorbtion of calories from carbohydrate.

A Carb blocker can block a high percentage of carbohydrates going into your bloodstream, but to achieve these results it important to get the best quality Carb Blocker pills.

Cheaper pills proliferate the market today. Unfortunately, many of them contain an impure form of Phase 2 and although they may well be safe the odds are they may not work.

There is a good check to help you be sure you are using a genuine phase 2 Carb Blocker: The nutritional table, the front label and the packaging on the product should all mention that it contains 100% pure phase 2 starch neutralizer. If nothing corresponds then you should be weary of the product.

The best natural phase 2 carb blockers which do contain 100% pure phase 2 starch neutralizer will be effective if properly combined with exercise and a sensible diet as part of a steady weight loss plan.

Discover the Truth behind Carb Blocker Pills

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, these days there are more and more ways to loose weight, one of the newest and most lucrative being starch or carb blocker pills. These claim to work by helping you to loose weight whilst still allowing you to enjoy all your rich foods such as pasta, bread and potatoes.

The way carb blockers pills work is by restricting the amount of carbohydrate ingested being digested and then converted into ugly fat. If course, working on this theory, your carbohydrate rich foods suddenly become lower in not only carbohydrate content, but also in the number of calories they contain.

This means, that if these diet pills actually work in the way that they claim to do, you will happily be able to ingest far more than your daily calorie limit, and not have to worry about putting on weight; the findings of studies carried out do actually show however that the truth really is not so clear cut.

Carb Blockers: Speed Up Metabolism Rate

When you are trying to lose weight, you will find the process easier if you have a high metabolism. The metabolism of the human body ingests food, converting it to energy and burning it off, and also storing excess calories in the form of fat. The faster your metabolism, the less fat will be stored, and vice versa.

The rate of the metabolism of the human being is something that has been studied very carefully for many years, there being a direct connection between the thyroid gland and the metabolic rate.

The thyroid gland that is situated in the neck is what actually controls the human metabolism, and someone with a slow metabolic rate will also have an under active thyroid.

This condition can not only be linked to many cases of unsolved obesity issues, but can also be linked to depression and concentration problems.

So, in turn, someone with a low metabolic rate will find it very hard to lose weight, even if they eat a very restricted diet. The good news for this large group of people within the population is that starch and carb blockers actually speed up the natural metabolism, and therefore make it a lot easier to shed unwanted pounds as well as inches.

This revolutionary weight loss plan has been snubbed by some critics who believe that in order for it to be really effective, you would have to ingest between four thousand and six thousand milligrams of bean extract or phaseolamin.

This is scientifically the amount required to slow down the metabolism, and many carbohydrate blockers on the market actually contain far less than four thousand milligrams, many as little as five hundred.

Other studies have shown that even if the bean extract is successful in slowing down the digestion of starch and carbohydrates in the body, this will not necessarily mean that it will be accompanied by weight loss in the individual. Tests carried out on the effective nature of phaseolamin were indeed carried out in laboratory conditions, the human digestive tract being rather different.

In the human digestive tract, the bean extract will indeed be met by powerful digestive juices that will break it down before it indeed has time to have its’ desired affect on the ingested carbs. Since these findings, the Mayo lab produced 100% pure carb blockers that were no longer broken down by the juices in the digestive tract, and did indeed work in the desired way.

You will not Lose Weight with Carb Blockers Alone

Carb blockers alone will never be sufficient if you wish to lose weight; when they can be useful though is if you have the urge to treat yourself to some real high carbohydrate treats. For decades now the population has been educated that in order to sustain a healthy weight, you cannot rely on any magical pill or potion.

A balanced diet and sensible levels of exercise are the only way to really solve your weight issues, once medical problems such as an abnormally under-active thyroid gland and metabolic rate have indeed been ruled out.

The Best Way to Integrate Carb Blockers into Your Diet

Carb Blockers can play a small but valuable role in your weight loss program. There are many of us out there who want to lose weight but do not have the will power or resolve to stick to a strict low carb diet such as the Atkins diet. You may be committed to a diet but why should you feel stressed out by the urge to never deviate from a strict diet?

Carb Blockers allow you to enjoy the odd treat such as a pizza in the knowledge that life should be enjoyed and the occasional treat should be applauded and not frowned upon.

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