How to Buy Resveratrol: Our Collection of Tips

Consumers have an amazing amount of information available about nearly any product or service known to help their health. There are health channels, radio ads, infomercials and much more. So how does one buy resveratrol and know they are getting a quality product that will help their health, not harm it.

First, consumers have to realize that due to the sheer popularity of resveratrol there are many, many manufacturers who are producing products that are inferior and do very little for their health; these manufacturers are only in business to make a fast dollar.

Second, consumers have to realize that marketing companies are good at what they do. They want consumers to see beautiful bodies and believe that the product will make them look the same. They show before and after images that are almost impossible to believe, yet many people do.

All of this negative advice does not mean that consumers should not buy resveratrol. It just means that they need to be diligent in their research and not buy the first product they come across.

What to Look for When Buying Resveratrol

So what does that leave when looking to buy resveratrol? There are some important things consumers need to look for that will help them get a quality resveratrol product.

First, make sure the manufacturer is a top quality manufacturer who knows the nutritional supplement business. Manufacturers who are in the supplement business should be easy to research. They should have documentation on their business practices.

Some of the better manufacturers have their own research teams and scientists who create formulas for the supplements based on the most recent information. Fly-by-night companies won’t have much information available and usually have not been in the supplement business very long.

The next thing to look for is on the ingredients label. No matter what the front of the label or the advertisement says, read the label. All ingredients are supposed to be listed and should also tell the percentage. Top resveratrol supplements are 100% pure resveratrol with no fillers.

Don’t be confused by grape seed extract and Japanese knotweed. These are sources of resveratrol and it is perfectly okay for them to be listed. The manufacturer is adding the resveratrol source to the ingredients listing.

Additionally some manufacturers may add other supplements to increase the benefits derived from the resveratrol, these will be natural supplements, not fillers.

Finally, consumers need to realize that in order for resveratrol to be effective it has to enter the bloodstream. In order for this to occur it has to make it through the stomach without being degraded by stomach acid.

Enteric coatings on tablets and capsules prevent this degradation. When buying resveratrol the product should say that it has an enteric coating, otherwise it is a waste of money as it will not enter the bloodstream.

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