Buying Antioxidants = Improve Your Health

In today’s world many people buy antioxidants to protect their health. While this is a good practice and can be beneficial, it should not be the only thing that is practiced in a good health routine.

Too many people will spend money buying antioxidants and neglect the other lifestyle changes that are necessary for good health.

Buying Antioxidants for Health

Understanding what antioxidants do for health explains why they are important and this also requires understanding free radicals.

The human body is a complex compilation of machines that all work together and yet independently at the same time. Each machine, or organ, has its own job to do and in turn relies on the proper functioning of other organs to do its job.

Millions and millions of cells make up the tissue in the body. This living tissue is comprised of molecules and the atoms that they are made of. In order to be bound together, these molecules share an electron.

If these molecules are damaged by pollution or other contamination that enters the body, they can lose an electron. The resulting molecule is called a free radical and will try to take one from the next closest source, starting a cycle of damaged molecules.

These damaged molecules lead to rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammatory conditions, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Antioxidants help to stop this chain reaction by giving up an electron without becoming a free radical itself – stopping the process of molecular damage before disease becomes inevitable.

Antioxidants can be purchased in various supplements. This is one good way of protecting the body; however there are other methods of protecting the body from free radicals that should also be followed. It takes more than money to be healthy.

More Options than Buying Antioxidants

As stated earlier, there are more options than buying antioxidants to help fight free radicals.

One of the first steps people should take is to do their part in reducing pollution. Pollution, such as cigarette smoke, chemicals and other substances are chief in the production of free radicals in the body.

Choose to eat a healthier diet. Antioxidants are naturally abundant in fruits and vegetables, many nuts and beans, just to name a few. A well-balanced diet is the best way to get antioxidants and natural sources are usually better for the body than supplements.

Eat plenty of asparagus and broccoli to help the body produce more glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is not available as a supplement due to the body not being able to absorb it into the bloodstream. However, broccoli and asparagus contain a precursor to help support the production of this top notch antioxidant.

It’s easy to think that running to the local pharmacy is the key to good health. Buying antioxidants is an excellent way to help keep good health but it is not the sole path to good health.

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