What is the Best Source of Resveratrol?

Anytime there is a new health supplement that promises youth and better health, interest is sparked and the popularity of the product soars. Resveratrol is no different and the popularity explosion has the public seeking more sources of resveratrol as they learn about its antioxidant properties.

The first source and perhaps the best known source of resveratrol is red wine. This is due to how resveratrol was discovered in the first place. The French and Mediterranean people eat a high fat, high cholesterol diet and consume large amounts of red wine, yet, they have little incidence of heart disease. This realization led to the discovery of resveratrol and that one source is red wine.

Although red wine is the most commonly known source of resveratrol, it is not the most convenient source. An individual would have to consume more than two hundred glasses of red wine in one day to get a therapeutic amount of resveratrol. Not only would this be near impossible, it would most likely be fatal. However, there are other sources.

Red wine’s source of resveratrol comes from the grapes it is made from, particularly the grape skin and seed. Like red wine, consumers would have to eat vast amounts of grapes to provide the body with enough resveratrol to obtain the health benefits.

There are other foods that contain resveratrol, although in lesser amounts than what is found in grapes. These foods include peanuts, berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and dark chocolate.

The Best Resveratrol Source

The best resveratrol source is a resveratrol supplement. Using a supplement is more convenient and more pleasant than trying to eat large quantities of the foods that contain resveratrol. The foods that contain resveratrol should be eaten to boost the resveratrol in the body but should not be relied upon solely.

Resveratrol supplements are usually made with one of two main sources of resveratrol, or a combination of the two. The supplements are either made from Japanese knotwood or grape seed extract. These supplements provide enough daily resveratrol to provide the health benefits that consumers want.

Finding a resveratrol supplement is not hard; the market is inundated with manufactures that supply resveratrol. What can be difficult is determining which one to choose. This is where consumers have to be savvy and do their homework.

The first thing consumers want to find is a manufacturer who is not new to the supplement business. As with any other product that becomes popular many fly-by-night companies try to cash in and set up shop selling inferior products. By the time consumers realize this it is often too late. The key to purchasing a quality resveratrol supplement is first knowing and trusting in the manufacturer. The Internet is repository full of information, look up the company and find out as much as possible about their manufacturing process before purchasing the supplement.

Finding sources of resveratrol that will provide a therapeutic amount of the antioxidant it not difficult, it just takes time and patience.

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