All About Acai Berry

Acai supplements have become very popular in the past few years and because of this, many different manufacturers have started producing their own brand of Acai supplements, some that are top quality and some that are not.

Knowing how to determine when the Acai supplement is inferior is important. Determining when a product is inferior will save time, money and possibly even negative health reactions.

First, the Product

The first thing to look at when reviewing and rating an Acai supplement is the quality of the product. A top quality product will be one hundred percent pure, free of any other products or contaminants.

This should start in the harvesting process. Acai berries that are picked from wild Acai trees will be free from chemicals and fertilizers that are used in tree farms. This insures that the final Acai supplement will be free from chemicals and contaminants that come in through the growing stage.

The process of creating a top quality supplement doesn’t end with the growing and harvesting, it continues on to the manufacturing phase. Freeze drying is the recommended storing process for transporting the berries to the manufacturing company.

Freeze drying locks the nutrients in so that the berries can travel without being degraded. Freeze dried Acai berries have up to fifty times the antioxidant level when compared to berries that have been spray-dried. In addition, spray-drying actually adds filler that the body treats as glucose.

Inferior products often contain other fillers like caffeine which are worthless in promoting good health. The consumer may mistakenly think they are feeling more energy when in fact they are feeling the effects of caffeine. This is another reason why it is important to make sure the Acai supplement is pure.

Acai Supplements Business Practices

A good, quality product doesn’t guarantee that the company behind it is a good, quality company. Often, companies inflate their egos with testimonials and advertisements that make them appear to be the best. What they are good at is marketing, not necessarily making a quality product.

Many businesses are taking advantage of the surge in Acai’s popularity and gouging people’s wallets. They know that if people here the good news about Acai supplements from celebrities and other well known people they will spend whatever amount is being asked for.

This is not a good business practice. Acai supplements don’t have to bankrupt consumers.

Researching the various companies that make quality Acai supplements will reveal the vast array of pricing. Some companies want consumers to be able to afford the product, they know that they will get their business for the long term.

Acai supplements are among the top selling supplements today, some of them are healthy, nutritional supplements that will provide large amounts of powerful antioxidants and others are nothing more than fillers and fluff that have no health benefits whatsoever. Knowing which ones are which is an important step in finding the right Acai supplements.

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